Family Friendly Halloween Costumes - Can you find any?
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
Halloween is quickly approaching and it's hard to find wholesome family friendly Halloween costumes, especially for women.

Most of the costumes are a bit too sexy for the family events we attend and I'm not a big fan of the scary or gross side of Halloween for kids.

For our family of three I have thought about a knife, fork and spoon, Wizard of Oz - Lion, Scarecrow, Tin-man, or mild mannered skeletons (black sweatshirt and pants with cartoony bones painted on them).

What have you come up with? Can't wait to hear your ideas!

monamia responded:
I like the Wizard of Oz theme. I was always in to scary costumes with my kids but there are some others that can be fun and easy to do (also, I prefer makeup over any masks - it's amazing how a bit of makeup can change a whole look):

  • Ghost
  • cowboy/girl
  • one year my son went as Davy Crocket
  • Any kind of animal or fairy or princess
  • Sesame Street characters (those can be relatively easy to put together)
  • Harry Potter stuff?
  • Game characters?
  • Renaissance Costumes (peasants or royalty)
  • Superhero costumes (though any girl superhero costume might be too sexy for a little girl)