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6 year old with abdominal pain
Pratz777 posted:
My daughter has been having severe abdominal pain for a few weeks now. They come on suddenly and have her bent over and screaming. She says the pain is in the belly button area. The doc put her on miralax for a week thinking she was constipated. He then did an xray to see if she had an obstruction. Everything looked fine. We also took her off of milk for a week and a half and no changes. We took her in to the ER twice. They ran blood work which came back negetive. They did an ultrasound in which they told us that her appendix looked inflamed and was not dissending. They then ran a CT scan and said everything was fine and that the ultrasound was wrong. They now have her on Amitryptaline to see if she is having stomach migraines. She has been on this med for a week and has made no difference. We are so overwhelmed and scared...Please help!
Roy Benaroch, MD responded:
Amitriptyline can be effective, but it doesn't work quickly. Some kids have to take it for weeks before seeing much response.

With these prolonged symptoms, you ought to be working with a pediatric gastroenterologist to confirm the diagnosis.

Best of luck!