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son is 2yrs old and accidently got all his vaccinations up to kindergarten
scaredmom posted:
So I took my son in for his 2 year vaccinations and was told that he received all of the vaccinations that he needs plus all that he needs up through Kindergarten. I'm very upset this happened and was wondering is there any thing bad that happens from this? And do we really know if there is? I just don't know if there is an adult that has had this happen to them and they are okay with no ill side affects.
Can this in any way hurt my child?
Roy Benaroch, MD responded:
I'm not sure I understand. The usual vaccine schedule has a gap from about 18-24 months until kindergarten at age 4 or 5. Other than yearly flu vaccines, nothing is usually given in that gap. So most 2 year olds aren't due for any vaccines until kindergarten. That's not accidentally, that's what's supposed to happen to protect kids safely and effectively.

Were some vaccines given earlier than they were supposed to have been given? Which ones?