Seven year old boy curious about death?
StacyVaughn posted:
Here's the thing. His real dad walked out of his life while he was a baby, and he has no idea he exists. His mom started dating my fiancé when he was one, so he became daddy, and still thinks so. His mom lets him play x box all day every day, but not kid games. He plays like call of duty. So he has become obsessed with guns, bombs, killing, etc. I'm pretty sure she has cut back the video games now though. Anyway. When he draws, he draws like Demonds, devils, monsters, and aliens. Labeling good and bad. He drew a smiley face on his sheets, but it had the slanted eyebrows, making it look mean or evil. Earlier he was playing wi the bunny with his aunt and randomly asked: how do bunnies die? Like if a wolf ate it or something? I can't recall precisely, but I do remember him asking about death in an odd way like that before. Than just a minute ago he started hitting himself in the head with his fist, telling his brain to shut up. And said he couldn't shut his brain off, and said that a few times. While he did that, he made this odd face with his eyes like rolled up. He had made that same face while I was talking to him right before this happened, cause he got in trouble and I was explaining to him why.

Is any of this normal? Should he be so curious about death so young?