sick child
hohosmommy posted:
My son has not been able to breath through his nose for almost 3months now. At first they said it was just a virus and did nothing. Second visit said it was allergies and gave nose spray and allergy meds. Third visit got a referal to an ent. Ent said his tonsils and adnoids were swollen. Fourth visit said it was bacterial and gave antibiotics. He has run a fever between 100.4 and 102 for six days now. Called the Dr. again and they changed his antibiotic. He has been on it for 4days now and temp is around 99, but spikes for no reason to 101 sometimes. He was out of school all last week and just went back today. Has a temp again, is cranky and now sleeping. He just started with a redness under his eyes, on cheeks and his nose. He doesn't have another appointment with the ent till the 14th to discuss taking out his tonsils and adnoids. But being a parent this is frustrating and I hate seeing my son so blah. Something isn't right. Should I demand blood work now?