misery must love company
doubledose posted:
i'm a mother of a 19 month old and soon to be new mommy. my son about a week ago contracted the hand, foot and mouth disease. he has these god aweful blood red bumps appear all over his body. it wasn't in his mouth thank goodness but he had it on his face, ears, neck, back, arms, hands, legs but and feet. (best cure for the ones on the butt and genitals for babies is a product called butt paste. it's sold in a store called deals for a dollar. i used this for every diaper rash and every kind of rash for my son. when i applied a good helping on the rash for two days it disapeared completely. i've been applyin callamine lotion every were else on him but it didnt work so welll so now im trying the butt paste on his blisters now. now, my husband contracted this aweful infection and he is miserable i have tried everything to avoid this blasted virus and thought i prevailed only to find out i did contract it just not on my hands feet or mouth, instead i caught it on my gentitals im currently trying the butt paste as i would for my child and so far no itching and no blister popping. i'd like to know though is how to avoid catching it again if at all possible. i mean my mother in law is determined that her kids didnt have this but i see the bumps and blisters the kids had i am not one to argue but i'd love to have this gone soon.
fcl responded:
The best way to avoid catching it again is to practice scrupulous hygiene - wash your hands often. There isn't much more you can do.

As for your MIL, it doesn't matter whether or not her kids got it, the point is that yours has. I'ts a viral condition that is pretty easy to catch (as you've found out for yourself).

Remember to keep your little one hydrated (I hope he's getting better - maybe give your pedi a visit for a more effective treatment for his blisters?).

Good luck!