Nurturing Grandmothers
An_249773 posted:
My daughter and son-in-law have a beautiful 3yr old. His mom lives in state and visits every other week..the typical grandmother type. I live out state and visit every choice. I have not quite developed the "grandmother" genes per my daughter (we have argued about this often since I have flight benefits and could fly in each month if I wanted to). When I visit my daughter and her husband argur each time, and my granddaught now scream and throws things , and never obeys her parents ..often sceaming "no" if she doeant want to do something. Its very stressful to visit , so I limit my visits. Also, I have yet to develope the nurturing side of myself to be a nurturing grandmother. I dont have the urge to babysit, take trips with my granddaughter,ect. I have spoken to my daughter about reinging in her daughter, but the response was "you cant discipline her because you're here enough for that". Is it wrong to not feel that nurturing,grandmother" urge, although I do love my family. Do other women feel this way?

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