consistant cold for almost 2 months now
mom2aboy3 posted:
my baby is 8 mths old an dhas had cold symptoms almost regularly sence he was 6 mths old he has a constant runny nose and caugh caugh is bad at night i have been running a humidifire to help his caugh but not really noticing a difference anymore he seems to get better then with in a few days its back im not sure what im doing wrong im using lysol every otherday around the house to try to kill the germs were all washign our hands im washing his bedding twice a week were using hand sanitizers too my 6 yr old has been gettign this too left and right i dont know what the schols policy is but i send hand sanitizers to school with him and kleenex in his book bag he says hes using it i also sent a big half gallon jug of sanitizer to school in the beginning of the year i knwo the schools policy is to send your kid to school even if they have a cold as long as their caugh isnt disruptive and they have no fever i just want this cold gone for good when the baby sneezes if your nt right there all that crap is all over his face cause its alot coming out at onnce i just dont know what to do anymore other then wait and see if it gets better or if i should just take him in to his pedi cause maybe its somehtign more then a cold also when hes caughing literally afterwards hes screaming im wondering if its hurting him also hes not sleeping through the night anymore i think its cause of the caughing and cold