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6 yr old has frequent urination day and night
An_250634 posted:
My 6yr old son has started to need to go pee very often during the day and he gets up several times at night. His K teacher brought it up to me as she noticed that he was raising his hand a lot in class and had that look on his face of panic that he was about to pee in his pants! It has been going on solidly for 2 weeks now. Pediatrician did urine analysis and finger prick blood sugar and all was normal. Now he wants me to take my son to a Pediatric Urologist and before that he has to get a renal ultrasound AND an abdominal X-ray. My son has always been good about going to the bathroom and doesn't ever hold it too long and he's not traumatized by going a lot now. I am just wondering if it is necessary to get all these tests done or if I should wait a little longer and see if it clears up? Am I missing something?!
An_250567 responded:
He's in half day kindergarten? Is he actually leaving circle time and going into the bathroom or does the teacher just think that since she is interpreting looks as such? If it isn't bothering your son, why is it bothering the teacher? I guess I'm confused. That said, might be worth a quick ultrasound of the bladder (ask in advance if bladder needs to be full for scan then empty at doc's office then a second scan). Keep in mind just because the pedi suggested u/s and xray doesn't mean that will be the action the urologist takes. FWIW, one of my boys liked to pee everywhere he went. He'd pee a little then save some for the next place we might be. He kind of stretched his bladder where he couldn't fully empty. We made a visit to a urologist, had a couple of u/s, practiced urinary retraining, took a med to help relax pee sphincter, he was retrained in a matter of just a few weeks. I hope whatever is going on is an easy fix for you. Sounds like not too much to worry about. Hope that is the case. Good luck!

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