Musician with same problem
rsumrall posted:
Same problem. I am a degreed musician, saxophonist, and music teacher. I had to be deferred from string class in college because I could not play the violin or viola. The problem is in both hands, although in the left much more. I played ukelele in elementary school and guitar in college, but struggled greatly. In college, a gymnastics instructor pointed my issue out and told me my tendons were too tight.

All of the doctors I have discussed this with ask me if I've had an injury to my arm. I have not, and they have a hard time believing it has been this way since birth.

At age 56 I am trying to take up the guitar again. The tendons are even tighter and I cannot play even as I used to. My rhuematologist suggested a procedure where I am put to sleep and my arms are twisted to "break the scar tissue in my arm and put it back to its original rotation". At this point, I am not buying it. That is a solution based on an injury I do not have, so I do not trust the outcome. I will be seeking a detailed analysis of the problem and a satisfactory solution. I will post back when I find one, if I do.