2 year old daughter rash for the first time! HELP!!!
dmillan posted:
My 2 year old daughter has a rash for the first time, she has never even had diaper rash. It certainly is not the hives, ring worm, psoriasis and does not look like eczema. However, it is a small patch on the right side of her belly button, it has not spread anywhere nor has she been itching it. It is red and raised and looks like little pimples, but not really white on top. When it is touched or she is getting dressed she says it hurts. We put hydrocortisone 1% cream on it and she seems to get relief from this. She has not had a fever and had a very very minor cough about 12 days ago ( but the whole house had a cold ). She has had it for 3 days and it hasn't gotten better or worse. When i looked up different rashes online the one it looked most similar to was shingles, but she hasn't had the chicken pox, but has had the vaccine. This makes me super nervous so before rushing her to the emergency room, i figured i could try and get an answer on here first.i do have a pictures.
hgreenwood7058 responded:
Did you take her to the pediatrician? If she says it hurts then it could be something along the lines of an infection. Is is several spots or just one? Could also be the beginning of staph inf or just a minor random rash. The pain thing would be the main concern. It would be good to take her in if it has gotten worse or if she develops a fever. Does it itch or just painful?