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my 6 year old
nikib28 posted:
my six year old was in the bath last night and when my boyfriend went in there to tell him to turn water off my son had an erection, and was kissing a barbie doll. When he saw that my boyfriend was in there he quickly hid the doll. Is this normal??
Roy Benaroch, MD responded:
This may be entirely normal. Kids copy behaviors and are very interested in things they see, and it is natural to have some sense of sexuality even at this age.

However, there are some red flags to look out for-- if he's quite preoccupied or difficult to distract from these things, or if he's involved with play with children of different ages from his own, or if there is any coersion, those situations need further evaluation.

Also, it may be that he is being exposed to material that's too mature for him-- almost any network TV includes material that can be quite explicit. Or, he may have been watching what adults in his home are up to. This is an age where he is naturally curious, and it is reasonable to limit his exposure to what he can understand and what's appropriate.