speech delay
sajiak posted:
Dear Doctor

My second Son baby Mohamed Sinan and his age is about 3 year and 5 months, he have savior speech problem, he say only 3-4 words till now like "MOM" , "TATA", "ONE" Etc, actually he started saying these words about 18 months before and no other words or no progress, when we try to teach him, he never listen to us and avoid us and try to play some physical play activities, he watch TV Cartoon and recognize the movement and react, we tested his Ear (Bara Test) and blood and thyroid test, and all are OK and positive result

Looking for advice and help about his speech delay

Sajid Aruvan
Saudi Arabia
lenono97 responded:
First of all, I am not a doctor. This site is mostly discussions between other parents. However, I do have some advice. Have you son evaluated by "early intervention." This is typically a service provide through the school district and is no cost. Contact the school district for information. If appropriate, they will provide a speech therapist and other support services. Did you talk to the doctor about your concerns at his 3 year check up? If not, give the doctor a call. She will also have some advice. My son's doctor was concerened about him not talking at 18 months! If yours is not talking at 3 years, it's time for an intervention. Good luck.
lenono97 replied to lenono97's response:
Sorry, I just realized you were in Saudi Arabia so the "early intervention" may not apply. However, contacting the MD or a speech therapist would still be a good idea.