6 year old w/ Stomach pain
Kellie_Aguilar posted:
My 6 Year old had stomach pain starting Wednesday, she was crying and keep pushing on her stomach so I gave her a children's pepto and children's Tylenol. she feel asleep shortly after this was at 5pm and slept the whole night without waking. Thursday she was fine. Friday came along and the same thing happened she was crying and pushing on her stomach, I asked her where the pain was she showed me the left upper area of her abdomen just under ribs. I asked her if she had went to the restroom (number 2) and she told me yes, I gave her the same meds again she feel asleep this time around 8pm and stayed asleep. Again it happened today (saturday) I gave her the meds she slept for about 3 hours 3pm-6pm. she just woke up and she complains that it still hurts should i take her to the ER or wait it out another day or two?