Sleep Disturbance
Dmbascue posted:
My son has had various sleep disturbances for about 6 months now, but he has a history of apnea from pretty much birth. Anyway, here lately he has been crying, moaning, and screaming for help during sleep. My first thought was night terrors, but he wakes easily. (I have repeatedly woke him up just coming into the room) All of that being said he has some other problems. His entire body was all contorted with his back in an arch and his arms and legs were going under his chested. The whole time he made some low moaning sound. He also kind of flies into the wall from a weird muscle thing starting in his shoulder. We hear him slam into the wall multiple times a night. His pediatrician has taken our concerns very seriously and ordered a night study. The study revealed apnea and other abnormalities. We are now scheduled for an appointment with the local children's hospital. I was just wondering if anyone else has had experiences like this?