My 7 year old gets sick everytime there is an exciting event going on
Mandyjo75 posted:
Not sure when it started but over the last 3 years I've noticed that my daughter gets sick (upset stomach/fever/throwing up) the night before there is something exciting going on. Christmas, Halloween, her birthday any Holiday that we are having a family and/or friends get together she is usually sick (I'd say 2 out of 4 events she is sick). It starts off with just the stomach pains for hours then usually in the middle of the night she is throwing up and has a fever which usually lasts for a good 12/24 hours. It's like she has the flu but no one else was sick before her or gets sick from her. It's just weird because other than this she is a very healthy little girl. Anyone have any ideas on what this is or why this is happening?
oboingo76 responded:
This used to happen to me and my cousin. I had a lot of anxiety as a child and my anxiety ends up in my stomach. I'd be so excited for slumber parties and when I'd be there I'd feel sick in the middle of the night and sometimes throw up. It was a mix of excitement and the fact that I used to get a bit home sick. To this day when I am very excited about something my stomach gets a little unsettled.