behavioral problems
amandabrown posted:
So my son just turned four, and has always listened better than a lot of children i see his age. But lately ever since i had my daughter about 6 months ago, his listening skills have gone down the drain. now i know its hard sharing the spot light and try to be understanding but when i know he is deliberately ignoring me or disobeying me its frustrating. I have always utilized the "time out chair" or "time out corner" and i will turn everything (tcs, radio, anything making noise) and make him sit there, its not working as well as it did when he was two, now my sons father of course is against spanking (me not so much as long as its not somethign that could really physically harm them but just enough to say hey, NO) so im trying to just think of other ways to make him realize what he is doing is NOT ok. he has no real favorite toys to take away, im just kind of hitting a wall on this one, the only option i think i really have is to take his tv away but i do that anyways when he is in time out and such, which he hates, but should i really just take it out and not allow him to watch it for how ever long....itd be a lot of work but i mean whatever it takes.
momuv4girls responded:
I highly recommend this book:

It will help with strategies for years to come....

Take care!