My 8 year old has major decision making issues.
Colt45x22 posted:
She refuses to answer if you give her options. For example, when I ask if she wants to continue playing a game or not, she insists that I decide and refuses to give me a "yes" or "no" if I ask her whether or not we should stop playing. When we went for ice cream the other day, She asked me to pick her ice cream for her and I said she had to pick. She refused and we ended up leaving without ice cream. Anybody else experience this? Anyone know what can be done to help her get over her fear of decision making?
Colt45x22 responded:
Furthermore, she gets extremely upset during these incidents and will lock herself in her room after.
momuv4girls replied to Colt45x22's response:
I am wondering if she has always been like this, and now its gotten more extreme?

Are there any other behaviors she does that concern you?

Does she have friends that she plays with?
What do her teachers at school say ?

A bit more info would be helpful - - Thank you!