MMR shot
frogger888 posted:
I took my 18 months old for MMR shot . I'm located in Canada. My son is quite a strong boy and struggled, so the first attempt of MMR shot was not successful. But the needle did go in his arm, with my son pulling away his arm, I saw a couple of drops spilled from the needle tip. So the nurse opened a new bottle and administrated another MMR shot. I wasn't thinking too much then because my son was crying extremely loud. now after I came home, I started to concern how much the first shot went in his body. here in Canada, we did it in a public health centre where only nurses are doing the shot. no doctors around. and I couldn't even call back to find the same nurse. Could you please tell me any potential harm if two dosage of MMR was given at the same time to an 18 months old? thank you.
Anon_475 responded:
He'll be fine. At least you know he's well covered.