Aspergers in Teens
Adoptionsupporter posted:
I have a teen with Aspergers and we have recently come to that diagnosis. She also is ADHD and ODD. Needless to say we as a family are struggling. I am looking for ways to address issues such as lying and taking things and food from others including family members. It seems my child does not truly understand that is wrong. How do I teach her or help her deal with that? If ruins the trust people have with her.
momuv4girls responded:
Is she in any social learning type therapy? If not, I would look into finding a place locally that can reinforce proper behaviors / consequences.

A child with aspergers needs a lot of positive, reinforcing therapy to ingrain good behaviors. This program should run year round and offer individual and group therapy - - something similar to this:

These are also some helpful / informative links:

Take care!!