children sleeping with the tv on all night
cmmac posted: friend is a single father. He has a 7 yr old daughter. She is a healthy little girl, except a little egzima. He puts his daughter to be with a video on, but let's it play over and over all night long. Often you can even hear from the other room. I have seen info about the issues w children watching tv Before bed, but nothing about kids having it on all night long, and I don't know of her waking or having bad dreams. She seems to sleep well, but I don't think that it can be good for her and i'm concerned health and development. I would really like your medical opinion, and medical facts pertaining to this. I know that its not good, because of the tv light and noise,but I need your help in detail. . Thank you so much.
momuv4girls responded:
FYI: The Dr. doesn't post on this board anymore : (

But, I did find some informative articles for you to pass along to your friend.

Preparing the body for sleep is very important, and not doing so can cause long-term problems - especially when you are "training" a young child for lifelong habits.

There is a lot of good info. out there, with real studies to prove this - - hopefully your friend will listen and take the t.v./video thing seriously.

Take care!