Baby girl's vagina closing
An_253135 posted:
My 8 month old was examined by her dr., who told me her vagina opening was closing. It seemed like she may have hurt my baby when she re-opened it, because she cried really hard. She said to rub Vaseline on it to prevent it from closing. Is this something doctors do now?? I was kind of freaked out having my baby examined like that. My mom said the doctors never checked us down there when we were babies. If this is part of a normal exam, when does that part of it end? I don't want my little girl thinking being looked at or touched there is a normal thing.
Also this vagina closing problem, is it common, is anyone else going thru this with their baby girls?
fcl responded:
Your mother may not have noticed the doc checking you when you were a baby but I'm pretty sure they did. Your daughter appears to have labial adhesions. It's a fairly common problem and nothing to worry about. Here's a link to some information on the subject:

So, yes, it's a common part of an examination and please try to make the difference between just anyone looking at and touching your child's genitals and a doctor doing so. You don't want your child being afraid to go to the doctor (particularly a gyno) when she's older because of fear of being touched and looked at
An_253135 replied to fcl's response:
Thank-you for responding. I will check out the link you provided. And yes of course I will explain the difference to her as soon as she is a bit older & can understand. Guess being a new mom has me overly concerned & very protective.