Calcium Powder?
SeanT posted:
Hello Helpers, I have a 1 year old who is allergic to milk products and would not take almond/rice/goat milk, and he is a gourmet eater that take a small bite of every food including those fortified with calcium. We are worry he is not taking enough calcium.

So we wonder where does the food manufacturer get their fortified calcium supply from? We found this Calci-K at

What's your experience or opinion on this powder calcium? I found it selling at Amazon

seeit2 responded:
My DD is allergic to milk. Soy milk and orange juice that are fortified with calcium work well. There is as much calcium in tofu as cow's milk, and many green veggies have calcium as well, so I would not worry too much if he has a varied diet. As for sources of calcium, you would have to check manufacturer sites for that or call the company directly.