Super Emotional Middle Child
Motherofthreegirls posted:
I'm a mother of three girls (7, 41/2 and 21/2). For the first two years, my middle daughter dealt with the new addition beautifully. She is not a jealous child and never exuded any signs of jealousy or emotional distress. However, for the past three months she has gone through an emotional roller coaster. Every word sets her off, anything and everything will set her into a crying, screaming frenzy. I miss my smiley, bubbly daughter who used to laugh hysterically and have fun at any situation. She's the love of my life and I adore everything about her, but don't know how to handle this change in behavior. She comes home an hour earlier than all my girls from school. In this time, we do anything she desires...that's our special time everyday and I give her loads of love and attention throughout the day. She is in the middle of two very strong children and she has always been weaker and more susceptible to being hurt by words or someone saying 'no' to playing a game with her. I just want to make her tougher and stronger and have my old baby back. What do I do? PLEASE POST AND HELP...
momuv4girls responded:
I think you are right to be concerned when you see a change in behavior.

You say its been the past prior to that, where there any issues of excessive sensitivity at all ?

You mention she is in school - is that pre-school or Kindergarten?
What do her teachers at school say about her behavior? Have they noticed this change?

A bit more info would be helpful in giving you some thoughts...

Thank you,