the flu vaccine
Anon_4527 posted:

My son received his first flu vaccine (at 6 months) last year in October. He ended up getting the flu in December. This check-up (18-months) he received his annual flu vaccine. The doctor said he should come back in a month for a second vaccination. I didn't inquire too much about this, but upon returning home I did some research. From my reading he should have had two vaccines (a month apart) a year ago when he got his first vaccine at 6 months. Perhaps if he had, he may not have gotten the flu.

Am I misunderstanding the guidelines? Is there any reason why the doctor would have only given him one vaccination last year? I am confident I wasn't told to come back. Also, he was back to the doctor for an ear ache sometime in November. You would think they would have mentioned something about the missing second flu shot. I intend to address this with my provider, but I just want to make sure my understanding is correct about the double vaccination (one month apart). Thank you.