My 5 year old wants to eat Constantly
eallermann posted:
For the past few days, my son has wanted to eat constantly. He eats a balanced diet. It has gotten so bad that he is sneaking food and yelling at me when I tell him NO. I have tried giving him high protein snacks and also allowing him to have as many vegetables he wants. I don't think he is eating out of boredom, cus he is eating tons of vegtables, and in the past when getting like this, he will refuse vegetables. Even with this, he still wants to eat. He has gone through this in the past when he has been going through a growth spurt. I am hoping this is what it is and not something more serious. His activity level has been down, which is our fault cus we haven't been encouraging him to exercise. I am just really concerned about this. Any help would really be appreciated.