Separated and Disagreeing on Parenting
JJMay posted:
So, we have been "married" for 17 years including 1.4 years separated. The boys (8, 13) are a handful. One with ADHD, the other with Aspergers & Bipolar. Dad buys their love. Does all kinds of stuff I wouldn't do (such as let 8 year old alone while he rode on a rides at Theme Park, and let both see PG-13 movies, and sugar, sugar, sugar!!!) So, my stress you can see. My question: Do I look the other way? Do I simply "do what I do" and let him "do what he does"? I'm a mess physically, emotionally, healthfully.....PLZ HELP!!!!
momuv4girls responded:
Not sure what you can do, other than try to educate the boys father on the boys medical conditions - - will he go to Dr. visits with you and listen to the professionals?