Unknown vaccine
An_255127 posted:
My son went in for his "12" month check up and vaccines yesterday (he was 5 days short of being 13 months). He received 4 shots yesterday, 2 in each leg. The last 2 shots were mmr and chickenpox. The last vaccine entered one point and exited another point and the vaccine leaked out of the exit point. The nurse is not 100% which vaccine it was, mmr or chickenpox? Our pediatrician recommended waiting 4 weeks and revaccinating both to ensure he is covered. So one of the vaccines will for sure be a double dose and possibly even a double dose for which ever leaked out, since we are unsure how much of it got into his system! Do you recommend revaccinating? If so how long should we wait? Since we are unsure if it was the mmr that leaked, will it be safe if he gets a 3rd dose at 4 years old assuming he did get it?
Anon_475 responded:
Vaccinations are really minute doses and doubling up on one is not dangerous but can ensure that your child is covered. I would get it done. No, getting a 3rd dose at 4 years old is not going to be dangerous either.