frequent urination for my 5 year old son
An_256667 posted:

Recently from last 12 days,my 5 year kid is doing urine in his pants,every 15 mints, we have done routine urine, urine culture and abdomen sonography, but all reports are normal.

pediatrician could not provide us solution from last 10 days, and urinologist here has suggested us for circumsciser operation and cystoscopy,which we dont want to go for at this stage.

Can you please advice, how can we do handle this?

with regards
atti_editor responded:
Hi Rochak,

This article explains some possible causes of an overactive bladder in children . It could be caused by anxiety, an allergy to something your child is consuming, a small bladder capacity, or a number of other things. You might bring up any relevant points that you read in the article at your child's next appointment. Please let us know how he is doing!

Best wishes,