blueberry colored mark
purplexpoppiezx posted:
I am a 55 yo woman with fibromayalgia, and lately have been losing clumps of hair, tired all the time, i have been getting severe bone pain & get fevers every few weeks, with bad pain & lumps in my armpits, now yesterday I came out of store and looked in my friends mirror and there was a dark blue/blackberry colored mark larger than the size of a quarter below my mouth area, I hadn't drank or ate anything as i was in a hurry that morning, i woke up today and its still there, I need to also add That I have ITP blood disorder (were my platelets eat each other) I see many stories with kids on here but No adults, can someone help me and explain what this is.
atti_editor responded:
Hi purplexpoppiezx,

Have you spoken with a doctor about the symptoms you have been experiencing? He/She will be able to best diagnose what is causing them after an examination. You may find it helpful to post your question in our Fibromyalgia Community and/or our Skin Problems and Treatments Community -- the members on these boards are may be able to provide advice and personal experience as it relates to your symptoms. To post, simply follow the above links, click on the orange "Post Now" button at the top of the page, and post your question just as you did here.

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