my 3 year old wont eat food he must chew
mona2585 posted:
I am in desperate need of help. My son was eating fine, until he started teething his mowlers. After they came out i cant get him to eat chicken, fish etc. He will have crisps, and snacks. But want nothing to do with a plate of dinner unless i mash it all up and feed him. He refuses to eat breakfast unless i feed it to him. This is my day one of " cruel to be kind, i put the food down, and if he is hungry, he will eat. Its been 8 months since his teeth. But it needs to stop now, he is going to school soon and i wish for him to be able to eat what ever they have available. I am asking advise, not critism. Its a very tender subject. I am desperate for help.. is it ok, is it a stage, what do i do next? Thank you
momuv4girls responded:
This can be a very challenging and frustrating situation for parents - we want our children to eat, thrive and be self-sufficient.

Some children are more sensitive and have oral needs that we as parents don't quite know how to fix.

You need to learn what to do, and what not to do for your son. This is not that unusual of a problem - just something you weren't trained how to deal with.

There are "feeding specialists" that are trained to help in situations such as this. I suggest you look into some professionals in your area to work with you and your young son. Here is a link to a Feeding Therapy Clinic:
This is the type of place and/or therapist you need to find to help get your son back-on-track, and independence in regards to his own feeding needs.

I hope this helps, and take care!