3 year old wont take a pooh in the toilet or his potty
mona2585 posted:
My son goes to the toilet to wee, but wont take a pooh in the toilet. He rather soil himself. Any tips or ideas? I have tried the potty, the toilet clip on. I spoke to his child support. Anyone had the same issue and how did u get him/her to use the toilet x. Thank you for helping
momuv4girls responded:
My daughter did this until she was almost 4.

She was potty trained by 2, yet every-time she had to have a bowel movement, she begged for a diaper to be put on.

I understand this is not uncommon.

Maybe you could encourage your son to use a diaper for bowel movement........then gradually over-time have him use the potty.

Here are some articles with really good tips.


Take care!
mona2585 replied to momuv4girls's response:
Thank you for your advise, you really help allot xx