Soothing Your Child's Cold
Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
Ideas for helping a miserable child with a cold.
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izzys_mom responded:
My daughter had a NASTY nasty cold not too long ago. Some other things that helped:

Vick's Baby Rub, it's safe on babies over 6 months

Johnson's Soothing Vapor Bath, it makes bubbles, so it's fun for them, too! I think they also have to be over 6 months. It's safe to use daily, also. With the humidity from the tub with the menthol REALLY clears out the nose!

Adding onto the nasal aspirator bit: They sell battery-operated ones now. My daughter HATED the regular bulb ones, you couldn't get near her with it. But these ones play music and it does it sooo fast that it's really easy. It comes with 2 different soft tips and has a little cup that delightful mucus can gather in. I want to say it even has a light, but I don't remember haha. BEST invention ever!!! Much easier to clean, also.