Section 504 accommodations for ADHD
Andrew Adesman, MD posted:
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Boyzmomee responded:
My son has a 504 plan and I am very satisfied with it.
mom2daughters responded:
my ADHD,10yr has one from last year 4th grade I am NOT happy with that Indep.charter home school didnt want to deal with it I fought to get it and all the IEP testings. She is in a different online/homeschool program and they so far understand and is accommodating as they should. She also has anxiety and a processing issue from one ear to the next. It is hard for her to retain somethings Due to her tubes put in when she was a toddler.

My 16yrDD's Art Charter High is very good and accommodating w SST, but the school psychologist that changes every 6months seems never wants to go forward with the 504. She misses school way too much with her ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar.

So I have lots to struggle with. 504 plans are to get to in this CA. county I live in.
Boyzmomee replied to mom2daughters's response:
They cannot refuse you a 504 plan if your child has a disability.

However, I'm not sure what accomodations you are asking for if your child is schooled at home.