But why???
lindsmom posted:
Safety always came first in our house,inevitably followed by the dreaded - but why??My daughter,our first born,was a very logical three year old when I became frustrated that she didn't want her seatbelt on her shoulder.I looked her in the face and calmly asked her how many Annas I had.She,just as calmly,answered, "one, Mommy", and that was that.Even a three year old knows that if you only have one of something,you better take care of it.I have always tried (not always succeeded) to respectfully answer my kids in terms they can understand, which,many times.will lead to thier contemplation of my reasoning...and they forget to argue,or see no point in it.That's a win/win for all of us. When this doesn't work,or I'm not up to good parenting standards,either "my car,my rules",or "because I said so",will reestablish the true dictatorship that I vowed I would NOT use in my healthy living household.Score one for my parents...
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Indiaguerita responded:
I say "Because I said so." I don't feel that it's dictatorship...I'm the parent...I don't need arguing and backtalking from my toddlers. If I say put your seatbelt on, do it without questioning me.

I don't have "discussions" with my children about rules. Either do what I say or suffer the consequences of punishment!

I'm the parent...not their therapist or philosopher.

But that's just me. I'm not in any way saying that's wrong for your family.

nursingbug replied to Indiaguerita's response:
I say about the same thing!
I explain some things, if it makes sense to. Others I just say "Because I asked you to."