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RE; pool drains
crna49 posted:
This has more to do with small wading pools and hot tubs; however, NEVER let your child in the pool naked or near the drain. There are known cases where a small child has sat on the drain and very traumatically, had their lower bowel eviserate through their anus from the suction. Heartbreaking!
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jesslovesmagicandmichael responded:
OMG no way that is soo crazy!!! thanks
ami_nix responded:
I thought that was an urban legend...
fiannakyn replied to ami_nix's response:
I thought it was Urban legend too. I thought Mythbusters already busted this one?
Vicky- Soon to be Foster parent! Lurking for advice.
phoenix31674 responded:
Former Secretary of State James Baker's granddaughter was disemboweled and died when she got trapped on a drain. He pushed for a law to be passed to change drain covers and either have two drains or device to prevent entrapment. This is only for commercial pools and there honestly isn't the bureaucracy in place to inspect all pools for this. Not to mention private pools are exempt.

Always good to remind kids not to sit on drains - clothed or otherwise. There can be a great deal of suction in a pool.
arabianprincess0708 responded:
And to think i have been swimming in my dads pool since the day I was born. I guess his is safer due to the fact that the drain is on the bottom of the wall and not on the floor of the pool, in all honesty i find it pretty assinine to put a drain with that much suction power on the floor of a pool or hot tub when people frequently SIT THERE....but thanks for the info.
ami_nix replied to phoenix31674's response: and learn
summer_is_here replied to fiannakyn's response:
How did they go about proving this one wrong.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
I think new residential builds have to comply now. We built a pool about two years ago and remember the inspections and discussion of drains.

Click here for additional info and recalls from the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals.

Scary stuff!

Roy Benaroch, MD replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
I can't figure out if this is urban legend or not. There are a lot of bulletin boards where this comes up, and people swear it's true, but provided links are always broken. I can't find a single original sourced story on this. And Snopes doesn't mention it one way or the other.

I'm kind of doubtful that a pool or spa would use enough suction to pull a person inside out. Why use so much pressure? That would be expensive on the pipes and drains, etc.

Tho I'm skeptical, I will say that I can believe a pool drain could kill a kid. But I would think the mechanism would be less dramatic. Maybe long hair could get pulled down, and trap a young/weak child at the bottom of a pool.

Or I might be completely wrong. Someone with more time than I, do the research-- is this a true story or not?
Roy Benaroch, MD replied to Roy Benaroch, MD's response:
Aha, time to eat some crow!

The story, including the involvement of James Baker's family, appears to be true:,2933,340332,00.html

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