Toddlers and Calcium
LauraJana posted:
Toddlers need calcium for healthy bones/teeth. 700 mg/day = 2-3 eight oz glasses of milk but also in other food/fortified sources as well.
Recommendation for 1-2 year old's is whole milk unless your Dr says otherwise. At 2 yrs, it is recommended that most kids is switch to non-fat (skim) or low-fat (1%) If your child doesn't like milk, some other good sources of calcium include yogurt, cheese, tofu, salmon, fortified orange juice, soy, cereals/breads.
While making sure your child gets enough calcium, don't forget vitamin D. Most don't drink the 4 glasses of milk per day, so some need a vitamin D supplement! Vitamin D is an important nutrient found in food & made in body by sunlight. Improves calcium absorption. Most kids need daily 400IU supplement!

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