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Lavender Oil stopped Night Terros
SanJuanMomma posted:
My 10 year old son has suffered from night terrors for over 5 years now. Generally happens when he is sick, over tired or too hot in bed. We have tried all sorts of techniques to no avail. Last week he became sick with a GI bug. 7 days in a row. On day 3 of Terrors I had him smell Lavender Oil at the onset and he went right back to bed each time. I realize this is not a medically endorsed method, but It has worked now for 4 nights in a row and I felt compelled to publicly share this in the hopes that others may benefit.
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fcl responded:
Lavender is an age-old soother (and in some places in the world it IS medically endorsed). It's one of the very few essential oils that can be used with babies (the only other one I know if is orange oil). I am glad this worked for you
Roy Benaroch, MD responded:
Regular use of topical lavender oil can contribute to estrogen effects including breast growth in young boys:

I would think that using it occasionally would be safe, and that sniffing it would be safer than rubbing it in.

Another technique for dealing with night terrors is called "prewakening", described in detail here: