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Worried about baby not smiling yet
jcn060405 posted:
Hello All, I'm new to this board and looking for some support and encouragement. My baby was born 5 1/2 wks early and today is 8 weeks old. He's eating, gaining weight, and aside from a virus last weekend that put him in the hospital to rule out infection, he's been healthy. I am just sick with worry, though, that he's not smiling yet. He makes little smiles as he's going to sleep, but does not smile in response to stimulous. My husband says that the baby looks at him all the time, but I also don't feel like he's looking at me yet either. I'm so worried about this that I just can't shake it. I've talked to the pediatrician and her main advice was that it wouldn't help to worry. I felt like she was telling me, "it is what it is." Anyone here with experience with slow-to-smile early babies? Any input would be appreciated!
mrv77 responded:
DD would do the same when she was sleeping she would smile. I wouldnt worry too much about it. I think DD finally started to smile and grin when I would do silly stuff around 2 months (corrected).
simerlm responded:
Hi. I just wanted to say that my DD also didn't smile until she was 4 months (Two months corrected). With preemies you have to remember to go by their adjusted age. So, your baby would only be 2 1/2 weeks old. Babies that young really aren't smiling in response to stimulus yet, I wouldn't worry. I'm sure he will smile for you when he is ready. As for the eye contact, preemies get stressed very easily. Eye contact can stress them out, so they look away. Don't be offended. My DD wouldn't hold eye contact until she was older. It was just too much stimulus for her. She couldn't handle it. It started slowly. She would look us in the eye more and more as she grew and could handle it. I know it is hard not to worry, but t sounds like your baby is doing fine. :smile:
lawhitaker responded:
Hi! I'm lurking from other boards! The advice that Misty gave you is excellent. When thinking about the milestones, you cannot forget they were born before they were ready. They have a lot of catching up to do. It is recommended that you adjust their age when looking at the milestones. You said your lo is now 8 weeks old, but he was born 5 1/2 weeks early! So, had he been term, he'd only be around 3 1/2 weeks. Babies aren't smiling at 3 1/2 weeks old! Until your son hits 2, you should probably take into account his adjusted age. Some babies "catch" up quicker than others and are fully "caught" up before the age of 2, but 2 is the general guideline. Good luck and enjoy that little baby of yours! Mine was born at 31 weeks and is now almost 4!
cheeezie25 responded:
You definitely do not need to worry! Your baby's adjusted age is only 2 1/2 weeks old, and the large majority of 2 1/2 week-olds are not smiling at that point. I don't think my son was purposefully smiling until he was 3 months old (so about 1 1/2 months adjsuted), and now he is total giggle monster! Just be patient, and I am sure you will see smiles in no time!
Jamelita responded:
DH and I used to worry about that as well. When DD started smiling around 4 months (2 months adj. age) I took a ton of pictures! She also didn't laugh until she was nearer to 6 months. Preemies take forever to do these things, so you may as well cultivate your patience now :sillygrin:

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