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Not eating-Worried
sheekstarr posted:
I went to her first appt today and she was 4lbs3oz. 'She was 4lbs6oz when we left the hossy. Im worried that she lost weight. The pedi said to just keep feeding her and she will see her bk in a wk. She took her off her bili blanket too. When I try to feed her when she isnt in the mood to eat (not asking for it) she acts as if the hole in the nipple is to big and shes getting to much milk at one time and she will gasp a little and swallow slowly till its gone. About every.. id say 1-2 hrs I can get her to down 2ounces or so (sometimes only one) but in between if I try to get her to eat more, she wont. And during the night she sleeps from about midnight till 5-6am before she wants to eat. I want her to gain weight so Im pushing food on her but its hard because if she dont want it, she wont eat it. She has poopey diapers in every changing, which is probably about every 2 hrs. And with her jaundice level going down and being removed from the blanket, I would think shes eating enough. but she lost weight!
lawhitaker responded:
Hi! I remember you from the pregnancy boards. :) Congrats on your newest addition! My middle daughter was born premature. She came home from the hospital weighing LESS THAN 4 POUNDS! Crazy huh? Everyone thought I had a baby doll! Anyways.. Here's my opinion: First, scales at the doctor's office and hospital may not be exactly the same and could throw off the weight measurements. (Make sure she gets weighed on the same scale each time at the peds office from now on.) Second, if she's sleeping through the night for 5-6 hour stretches at a time, let her sleep. Some doctors will agree, others disagree. But you need to remember--she has a LOT of growing to do and they do their best growing when they're sleeping :) I can remember Natalie sleeping 23 hours a day--she'd wake up just long enough to suck down a bottle and then go back to sleep, sometimes even sleeping while eating. Unless you have a worry for her about sleep apnea or something along those lines, I think she should be ok. Babies loose about 10% of their birth weight and should gain it back within 2 weeks. Third, if she's not already, talk to your pedi about using a higher calorie formula, such as NeoSure. Fourth, remember that as long as she's peeing and pooping 8-10 times a day (peeing--pooping, not so often is ok), she's doing Ok. Lastly, enjoy your wonderful blessing!! :wink:

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