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Update On My 10MO Preemie
princessbootzz posted:
I just wanted to let you all know... My DD is nearly 10 1/2 month old now. She is a little developmentally delayed, but has just started pulling herself up while in the playpen and can "kinda" shimmy-crawl. She began sitting up about a month ago. She can do that shimmy-crawl enough that she can get where she wants to go fast when she wants to get somewhere. She is able to eat (broken up) crackers, but tends to have a bad choke reflex when it comes to anything above stage 2 foods. She is still fully quarantined to the least until her first birthday and it's looking like that's going to be a while beyond that. The doctors say that even a cold could be serious and put her back in the NICU. She coughs a lot and still wheezes sometimes. But that has improved dramatically over time. She is not on any medications. We believe she may be showing signs of asthma, but with the changes in the weather, the doctor sees a lot more respiratory issues this time of year, so we're just watching. She will never be able to be vaccinated (we opted out due to religious reasons anyway) because she is Drug Hypersensitive and they could kill her. I'm told that this hypersensitivity is very common in preemies, but apparently most doctor either don't know about it or don't tell parents about it. We will always have to be extremely cautious about any medications (even over-the-counter) because of the hypersensitivity. She seems to be very intelligent. The other day, she got her first baby doll. I showed her a couple of times what the dolls features were. Then I stated asking her to show me BabyDoll's nose, eyes, cheek, etc. And she pointed to the correct spots 90% of the time! I thought babies were much older for that. It seems like she's mentally there, perhaps moreso than normal, but physically has delays. I just wanted to update everyone. :) ~Katrina
newmommy1209 responded:
hi i'm fairly new to this board dss has benn in nicu since the 8th. i'm happy to hear she is doing somewhat better i'll be praying for her.
princessbootzz responded:
(((HUGS))) Dez! How is your little one doing? Things get easier....I still remember how it was when DD was in the NICU, it was definitely hard. How are you holding up? ~Katrina
newmommy1209 responded:
Thank you. I'm ok most of the time but sometimes it just gets to me and all I can do is cry. I just want him home so badly I want to hold him whenever I feel like it and I want to bf for the first time. I want the rest of his family to met him for the first time. But he is getting close to coming home and I tell myself that all the time. I'm sorry I didn't mean to vent.

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