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sheekstarr posted:
Im thinking about putting Natalie on Enfacare for a little bit to help her gain some more weight. Shes only 5lbs right now. Anyone ever use this? Any problems with it? Ive read some reviews and some complain of gas problems but mostly everyone said it worked. Did your LO gain weight fast? Lots of spitting up? Gas?
KimP1014 responded:
C is on it, has been since he was in the hospital. He was born at 2 lbs 7 oz at his last appointment (almost a year old) he was 22 lbs 4 oz. For him it did what they wanted, they wanted him to get "fat". The first 9 months he gained a lot of weight and fast. He will stay on it until Feb (1 year adjusted). He is kind of gassy, but it has got better now that he is older. It was never horrible (just stinky :sealed: ) He used to spit up a lot, but that was related to reflux.
Mom1to3 responded:
Ask your Pediatrician before you make any change to your baby's formula, and explain to them that you are worried and want her to gain weight. Different formulas have different ratios of protiens and minerals that may not be right for your baby.
Plumeria84 responded:
Lurking..... DS is almost 9 1/2 months already, but he was born at 31 weeks at 4lbs 5 oz. He went home at 33 1/2 weeks at just under 5 lbs. I was mostly BFing but whenever I was short that is what I used. He did really good on it. No major issues with gas or spitting up. He is now completely caught up to his age group as far as weight/height, but IDK that formula really had anything to do with it. But as pp said, at this stage I would definitely check with your pedi before you decide to switch formula's as it could really mess with her tummy. As they get older it's not as big of a deal to switch formula's but even then they suggest gradually doing it. What formula do you currently use ? Did the hospital tell you to use that one or did you choose one yourself ?
mrv77 responded:
We used Neosure (Similac's version of Enfacare) I would have to put a scoop every so many ounces of breastmilk. We stopped once the pedi told us to stop. We didnt have any issues and she was on it for about 4 months. But it was always mixed in though. Def. talk to your pedi. He might give your other options or give you instructions on how to supplement.

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