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feeding problems
momtwins329 posted:
hey i have 9 month old twin girls that were preemies 6 and a hlf weeks early im having a problem feeding them it seems like there never full i feed them so much but its not enough and they have no teeth wat else can i do they have been on 3 meals a day since they were 5 months and started cecarl at 3 months any ideas? i give them 6 oz bottle 4 times a day and 3 tbsp of cearel and 4 oz jar of fruit or vegtable and dessert after dinnner
momtwins329 responded:
im sorry i forgot to add no teeth and i give mthem cookies once in a while to gum on
ReptileGirl responded:
Hello there...I want to help, but am a bit confused...when you say 3 that bottle or baby food or both? What would be a meal for them? At that age my son was taking in 4 -8 oz bottles...he would also have 3 jars of stage 3 baby food in a day. I would also give him some banana, soft pastas, and Gerber treats as snacks. I really didn't receive any formal info on what he should eat from my doc, but that seemed to work well with my son. Of course, now that he's 13 months he's on table foods and is on whole milk (2-3 servings a day). I've noticed that he has his hungry days, and not so hungry days...I just give him what he needs (no more, no less). Again...sorry if I'm not much help...we're winging it, but it seems to be working for us! :sillygrin:
ReptileGirl responded:
Oh yeah...and no teeth needed for soft foods like cooked/steamed veggies cut into small pieces. You'd be surprised at how well they can gum/chew. :sillygrin:
cheeezie25 responded:
Honestly, it doesn't sound like you have too much of a problem on your hands... having hungry babies that are ready and willing to eat is great and will help their growth and development! My son is almost 1yo, and he was 6 1/2 weeks early as well. I don't totally remember exactly what he was eating at 9 months, but I think he was probably taking about 20-24oz of formula/day, some cereal mixed with formula for breakfast, and about 4 containers of stage 2 fruits and veggies per day. Honestly, compared to what some of the other moms on the board would say their kids ate per day, I thought he was a light eater! If your daughters still seem hungry after they finish a container of baby food, just open another one and keep going! Eventually they are going to be eating MUCH more than that, so it is best to just gradually ramp up their intake. I don't know what happened with my son, but when he turned 11 months old, I swear, his food intake increased by like 100%... he always wanted puffs and finger foods to munch and would eat a ton more baby food to boot. You could always try giving your DDs puff snacks as well... this will help get them ready for solids, but the puffs pretty much dissolve in their mouths, so you don't have to worry TOO much about choking (although it can still happen). Teething biscuits and cut up steamed veggies might also be good options. HTH!

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