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when did your baby go home?
krystel_gotti posted:
I just had my baby last week at 34 weeks pregnant, she was 3lbs 14 oz she has been breathing room air since she was born, and now a week later she is doing great with the exception that she doesn't always nipple all of her feedings so they are putting the rest in threw her nasal tube. I am wondering how long does she has to show that she can nipple all of her feeds before they will let her come home... Having her at the nicu is killing me, the days drag by and I can't stand to think she could be there til her due date, that is just too much... I am just wondering what times others in my situation did their babies get to go home?
ReptileGirl responded:
I had my son at 35 weeks and he was 3lbs 8 ouneces and breathing fine right pretty similar to you. He did have trouble taking a bottle at first...then started to get the hang of it after a week...and then after 13 days in the NICU...he was sent home at only 4 lbs 2 ounces. So...there is definitely a good chance you won't have to wait until the due date. The docs just want to make sure they can hold their temp, eat well by nipple/breast, and that their vitals stay perfect in an open air bed.
cheeezie25 responded:
I had my little guy at 33w4d. He didn't need oxygen, but he needed his room air pressurized for about 3 or 4 days (first CPAP and then nasal canule) but did well after that. He also had extended jaundice and anemia, so it took him a little longer than normal to nipple all of his feeds. However, even with all that, he was home in three weeks (One week in Level 3 NICU, 2 weeks in the Step-Down NICU). It sounds like your DD is off to a great start, so I wouldn't think she would be in there that long. And your NICU murses have probably already told you this, but one day it will be like a lightbulb went off in her head and she will just start nippling all of her feeds like a champ! It seemed like my DS would never get to come home, but once his lightbulb went off, he was home in less than 2 days! I know it is extremely difficult, but just try and focus on the positive and use this time at home alone to catch up on sleep and get everything prepped and ready around the house for her homecoming... I wish I did more of that and less worrying!
newmommy1209 responded:
DS was born at almost 36 weeks and had tons of issues because of a lack of oxygen in the womb. As soon as he was talking all his feedings by bottle and gaining weight he could go home. It took 18 days. But we had to be really pushy to get stuff going, we felt like they weren't feeding him on his schedule so of course he wasn't eating what they wanted b/c half the time he wasn't hungry and the other half he wanted more than they would give him.
KimP1014 responded:
I know my situation is different, but I thought I would help.

My little guy was born on Nov 19 2008, at 27 weeks 2 days. He was 2 lbs 7 oz 14 inches long. He was discharged on Feb 1 2009 (15 days before his edd).

For us to be able to bring him home, he had to be able to mantain his temp, nipple all his feeds (for a week straight), no brady's or apnea for 72 hours, and be on wall air.

With us, the major battle was his o2 and apnea and brady's. He went back and forth from the vent to CPAP, then from CPAP to high flow, then from high flow to wall air. A week before discharge he aspirated, and had to go back on the vent, then back to CPAP, then back to high flow, and finally back to wall air. It took him 2 weeks to recover from the aspiration.

One thing the NICU told me when we finally started nippling was some babies just are not ready at 34 or even 35 weeks. My little guy finally caught on at 35 weeks what he was supposed to do, he wasn't a great eater until he was 36 weeks, and was able to nipple all his feeds at 37 weeks, with nothing going into the feeding tube.
An_221766 responded:
My daughter was born at 24 wks, she was 1lb 5oz, she was in the NICU for 6 months. She was on ventilators and everything now she is almost 2 and thriving. All I can say is stay hopeful as hard as it is sometimes, She functions normally and you would never know she was a preemie. They take time to breath occasionally but they are strong kids.

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