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When can I expect a social smile?
quentinsmom posted:
My son Quentin was born at 32 weeks and I am desperate for my first social smile (I've started writing about our journey together: . He is 12 weeks now. Anyone else waiting - not so patiently - like me?
j9ween2 responded:
I have a 10 week old 32 weeker and she isn't doing it yet either. It's my 3rd kids & I am so confused & worried w/ the preemie.
simerlm responded:
Hi! My baby girl was born at 31 weeks and she didn't start smiling socially until about 5 months old, so 3 months adjusted. You have to remember to adjust his age. Even though he is 12 weeks, if you adjust it, he's only 4 weeks. All babies are different, though. I thought I had the most serious baby on the planet for the first 5 months! LOL I know the waiting is hard, but it will be amazing the first time you see him smile. Don't worry, he will smile. I know telling a preemie mom not to worry is really hard. Just try to enjoy the little guy, and if you're like me, the first smile will bring tears to your ears. Good luck!
Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Quentinsmom:

Congratulations on your precious little one!! Here is a link to a great WebMD article on Baby Development for the First Year:

Baby's First Year: How Infants Develop

Here is an excerpt from this on 1 to 3 month old development:
Baby Development: One to Three MonthsDuring this first development stage, babies' bodies and brains are learning to live in the outside world. Between birth and three months, your baby may start to:
  • Smile. Early on, it will be just to herself. But within three months, she'll be smiling in response to your smiles and trying to get you to smile back at her.
  • Raise her head and chest when on her tummy.
  • Track objects with her eyes.
  • Open and shut her hands and bring hands to her mouth.
  • Grip objects in her hands.
  • Take swipes at or reach for dangling objects, though she usually won't be able to get them yet.
Enjoy your little one:)
Best Wishes! Amelia

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