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did anyone have this problem??
LmG825 posted:
my preemie daughter stood in the nicu for almost 2 months and shes used to all the noise. shes been home about 3 weeks and shes uncomfortable home, no matter where i put her to sleep she cries :crying: I tried putting on the tv and radio but nothing works!!!!!
kellyjgchamp responded:
My son had trouble adjusting when he came home. Keep trying different things and see what works. We had one bassinet in the living room for the day because he couldn't sleep in the quiet. It took awhile to get him adjusted to being home. We did a lot of kangaroo care in the NICU and before he came home I slept with his blanket on my chest so that it had my scent on it. It seemed to help. Be patient and keep trying. It'll be beneficial for both of you.
cheeezie25 responded:
I think my boy got used to the chaos in the NICU as well because he would only sleep when people were around making noise. I tried playing a lullaby cd at night while he slept, and that seemed to help a little. Even though your baby is almost 2 months old, it is pretty much like bringing home a newborn since the time spent in the hospital is just time they would have been in the womb, and newborns just cry alot, so it may not have anything to do with being in the NICU. I am sure she will eventually get adjusted to life at home and will likely start sleeping for longer periods as she gets older. It took my son a while, but he started sleeping through the night at 3 1/2 months. Hang in there!
mrv77 responded:
I had the same problem with DD it took her a couple weeks to get used to being at home. I think after 2 months at home she started sleeping through out the night. We tried everything also. She did like the fisher price water thing that goes in the crib.
I too have a busy baby post NICU. I tried a fan (not blowing on her) for white noise and kept her in the main livingroom where the daily chaos kept her occupied. I have sense had to purchase a swing and that seems to keep her content! Good luck! :pbpt:
DustyEchoes responded:
The same thing happened with our son. It took about a month before he adjusted. I agree with the swing idea--it helped us keep our sanity lol.
Screwston responded:
I am having the same problem got my girl Anelle after a 1 month and 2 in NICU but i wouldnt trade it for anything in the world.
PreemieMom3 responded:
We kept our preemie in a room right off of the living room and always made plenty of noise and the noises never bothered her a bit. We also put a CD player next to her and played some soft lullabies. I guess I got lucky in that regard, she simply slept through anything, but never had trouble sleeping. I hope your girl starts sleeping better :)

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