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hannahtravis posted:
My LO was born 3 months early and is now 9 months (6 adjusted) he went through about a week of sleeping through the night when he got sick and that was 2 months ago. last week he woke up only once a few times but every other night he is waking up 3 to 6 times. He has recently been diagnosed with asthma and we thought it was the med he was taking but the doctor changed it and he still isnt sleeping. Which him not sleeping through the night is tough on me trying to get him in a routine because he will take 2 to 3 hour naps. He usually has one in the morning (about 2 hours) one around 12:30 (1-3 hrs.) then a 45 min to hour nap around 7. Ive tried changing activities doing more with him rice cereal in his last bottle of the night and i am finding that the lack of sleep is affecting me negatively and if it keeps on like this im afraid ill go crazy...any advise would help alot!
kellyjgchamp responded:
that 7pm nap is the problem. I would talk to the doctor for sure but he should be goign to bed for the night shortly after then. He's old enough now to shorten up those daytime naps and either make that last nap earlier or get rid of it all together. I had a terrible time with my son and a schedule. He hated it and fought for a while but eventually it was best for all of us. And if he's been sleeping for a while and you know he needs up, make a big deal out of it by opening the blinds and saying "Wake up sleepy head" in a happy tone. There are several books on the subject. We used "good night, sleep tight: the sleep lady's guide." it has solutions for children of all ages. You are not the only one on here who has had trouble with a non-sleeping preemie. Hang in there!!!
Jamelita responded:
Yep, I wouldn't let him take a nap at 7. I would put him to bed for the night around 7-7:30. If it works for you, shorten his afternoon nap as well. Just so you know, my DD was born 2 months early and did not start sleeping through the night until she was almost 1, which was very recently.
kellyjgchamp responded:
Same here. DS was over one before he started sleeping through the night. But he was also 6months old before we were allowed to let him sleep more than three hours ( we had to set an alarm to feed at 1,4,7,10 so that his calorie counts were met.

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