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She Stopped Breathing
princessbootzz posted:
  • Lurking, but I think this is important for you to read*

    My 6 1/2 month old daughter stopped breathing last night. Out of the blue. She doesn't have a cold or anything.

    I really truly think that the Angelcare monitor saved her life because I was sound asleep, and the alarm woke me up. I flew up and startled her awake. She hadn't been breathing-it wasn't a false alarm. She was in a REALLY deep sleep and I guess she just forgot to breathe.

    When I startled her, she gasped, took a really deep breath and then started breathing fast to catch up. I put a paci in her mouth and watched her and she did fine the rest of the night.

    But I really think the monitor might well have saved her life last night. The alarm doesn't sound until after 20 seconds of no detection of movement. It's not a "constant" when we've tested it, it usually takes 35-40 seconds before the alarm truly sounds. That's a long time to not be breathing!

    What if I had just slept through?

    Everytime I see a post about Angelcare monitors, I try to respond to tell you how great they are just for the peace of mind. Even if the alarm was to never have been needed, I would have been glad to have had it just so that I could have that peace of mind to know that she was alright when I was out of the room or asleep. But last night it proved to be worth so much more. $90-$130 sounds like nothing now.

    I STRONGLY recommend that you go out and get one of these. They make great baby shower gifts too. ~Katrina
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    mrv77 responded:
    I agree about the Angel Care monitors. I bought the monitors the day DD came home from the hospital. It def. gives you peace of mind. It was well worth the $$$.

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