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so new here..and had questions :)
Tara8200 posted:
So last week about the 24th I decided to go back to the ER for having some mild contractions-i have been a few times for the same thing-i almost didn't go because they weren't that bad and very irregular and i have a history of "silent" contractions. i wasn't feeling baby move too much either so I got a little worried and DH made me go . so the whole week im being monitored and so is baby. things get a little weird.. my contractions slow way down but my LO's heart keeps decelerating. Long story short on the 27th they decided to induce my labor hoping for a vaginal because i was not fond of having a c section from knowing about my friends getting them and the pain. so an hour later doc comes in, tells me he does not like how my LO handles contractions (heart deceleration) and decides on a c section right then and there...i am 29w 6 days. i cry the whole time before, during and after surgery so worried about my baby. as soon as im opened up they see that my LO has a very long skinny cord wrapped around his neck 6 times and thats pretty unusual they say and the cause of his less movements and heart decels. he gets rushed away i don't get to see him of course. anyway since you guys got the jist of he is off his cpap and just breathing with a nasal canula which is pretty good i hear. what are your guys experiences with having a 30 week old in the nicu (they say he has 5-7 weeks until he can go home)and how well does your babies do in your experiences??
simerlm responded:
Hi, congrats on your new little guy! I had my DD at 31 weeks, but she was smaller than your guy. She was off the cpap and onto the nasal cannula in just a few days. Our biggest problem was eating and digestion. I was pumping and they were giving it to her through her tube. It took a couple of weeks for her to digest all of what they were giving her with little risidual. When she would have been 34 weeks, they started trying to offer her the bottle. That's about when they learn the suck/swallow/breathe reflex. Then, it was just all about getting her to take all of her bottles, so that they could tke the feeding tube out. They told me that she would need to be there for 4-6 weeks and we were there for 5. My DD is now 14 months old and still small, but she just took her first steps last night and is doing wonderfully. Good Luck to you!
Tara8200 responded:
thats exactly what is going on with my LO now they said hopefully by 32-34 weeks we can try bottle with my breastmilk...he now digests his milk and the intake is much higher and im so glad and he is at 3.2lbs yay! hopefully everything stays just as well
simerlm responded:
That's so great! It sounds like he is really doing well! Congrats on the weight gain! It is really wonderful that he is gaining already!
mrv77 responded:

My DD was born 7/15 at 28 weeks she weighed 2ibs 12oz. The first month was pretty rough a lot of up and down but after the first month she did great and was home on 9/10. The only times we had to go to the doctor after she left the NICU was for her well visits. Today she is a perfect and healthy 2 year old you cant even tell she was born so early. Positive thoughts for a positive outcome. Breastfeeding also will help your little guy too! As hard as it is just keep pumping milk.
lawhitaker responded:
Congrats My dd was born at 31 weeks and weighed 3 pounds 5 ounces. She was in NICU a total of 3 weeks before coming home! The only criteria the hospital wanted her to meet were: maintaining her own body temp, being able to suck/take a bottle, and being able to sit in a carseat without breathing issues. We were blessed--Natalie had NO problems whatsoever. She was actually ready to come home before I was! Good luck with your LO. They are all different!!
bcmom1 responded:
That's great that he is already off of the CPAP. My DD was born at 28 weeks. She stayed in the NICU until she would have been 35 weeks. She actually came home still needing oxygen through nasal cannula because of breathing issues while eating. Today, she is completely caught up with her gross and fine motor skills. She does have speech delays and difficulty eating. She had a barium swallow test done 2 months ago and they noticed she was getting some liquid down her windpipe and was having difficulty with solid food. They told us it was from her requiring a feeding tube initially and so those muscles didn't develop properly. We've been doing speech therapy for a few months and she has made lots of improvements. My friend's little boy was born at 32 weeks, he spent 3 weeks in the NICU and has absolutely no problems. I think boys just seem to do really well. Congratulations on your new baby and I hope he is home soon! How is the c-section recovery going?
cheeezie25 responded:
Hello, congrats on your new bundle of joy! That is actually a great sign that he is only on the nasal cannula! I had a 33 1/2 weeker, and he was in the NICU for 3 weeks, so he came home at 36 1/2 weeks gestational age. His main issue was learning how to bottlefeed, which was aggravated by some lingering jaundice and anemia which made him tire out easily (we have incompatable blood types). My best advice is to go with the flow and don't get too disappointed if he does not come home as soon as you would originally expect. My son was off the CPAP and nasal cannula after about 4 days, so I thought he would be home in no time, but that was not the case. It sounds like he is doing great though, so don't worry too much! Just visit as much as possible and take the remaining time to catch up on sleep because, believe me, you will need it (messed up sleep schedule from being in the NICU + preemie grunting = no sleep for mom)!!!!
Tara8200 responded:
Thank you! so far for the past 2 and half weeks he has been up and down. off the cpap, on the cpap, on oxygen, now hes just back on cpap and breathing at room air. he weighs about 3.9lbs. he is doing well. my c section is still a little tender, glad i was stitched on the inside and glued outside. its been healing better that way and hardly a scar...

anyone needing an c section i would highly recommend asking for glue lol

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