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Socially imature 12 year old girl with social anxiety
Burdo3 posted:
I am at my wits end. My strait A daughter is academically ahead, identified as gifted. She has the social skills of a 3 year old. She takes medication for anxiety and depression, has had therapy which equated to board games with the therapist and has no friends. I have kept my cool and had multiple conversations about what I am seeing with her but she makes no effort to change her behavior. Peers are turned off by her wanting to control games or play. She has had a weird fascination with Pokemon since first grade, something I fostered for awhile but now see it stands in her way of socialization. She becomes angry and frustrated quickly, sometimes becoming physical. She takes no pride in her appearance and sometimes states she is lonely. I have given her opportunities to meet other kids her age through tennis lessons, archery, church youth groups, etc but she is either content to stay in her room or be by my side. Rarely is she eager to participate in school events. She often invades the space of others and has to be reminded daily, even hourly to not touch others or " be in their bubble". She tells me she doesn't know how to be social though I model this for her all the time and talk to her about what I am doing. We have a nice home, she has opportunity a and we only ask that she try her best. Any pressure she feels about grades is placed on her BY her. I teach in a high school and I see what kids do to one another. I am worried that 7 th grade will push her over the edge.
momuv4girls responded:

Wow, if it is any consolation, I so get this !!! You describe my daughter fairly closely!!!

A couple of things popped out when I read your post.......

What does her psychiatrist say about this ?? Has you daughter been evaluated and the mention of PDD come up??
Here is an interesting story about it:

You can also google PDD, and read about it.

Another thought is SOCIAL THINKING. It is a program that specifically helps those who struggle with social ques, social behavior etc....
Not sure where you live, but there might be something similar nearby.

Lastly, not all "therapist" or psychologists are created equal, and quite possibly the one your daughter is seeing isn't the right one for her needs.
I would explore others. In our area, I found a clinic that offers "girls groups", where they get approx 2 to 6 girls together who struggle socially and work together to learn problem solving, social interaction, and what's appropriate behavior and what isn't.

Hang in there, and do some research, hopefully you can find some more answers and help for your daughter!
Burdo3 replied to momuv4girls's response:
I have read articles all day and ordered 2 books. You nailed it. Thanks. I will call the doctor this week and insist my daughter get references for a counselor focused on social thinking. I also looked at IIPT (Impaired Interactive Perspective Taker) today and PPD.
Thanks again.
momuv4girls replied to Burdo3's response:
You're very welcome, I hope you find some good help and answers.

Take care!!!

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